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I placed my mother in Sunshine Adult Care Home in February 2015. Prior to the placement it was absolutely essential that I do my homework. I wound up doing on site visits to four facilities. These visits, my observations, and the questions I had for the owners of these facilities provided me with a wealth of information to make my decision.
I wanted of course to make the best move possible for my mother. Her relocation at the time was from a large assisted living facility in the Sun City area. I was dissatisfied with that facility because my mother was often left in her room alone for long periods of time, and also because of the revolving door nature of their staffing. Employees were constantly coming and going and frankly many were not truly committed to working with older people. The tough part of the move was that I knew it would be traumatizing for my mom, so it was imperative that I get it right.

After my initial meeting with Cristina and James Meleanca, the Sunshine Care Home owners and managers, I was convinced their facility, as opposed to the others, was exactly what I was looking for. So I moved my mom shortly thereafter and then upon their recommendation I stayed away for several days in an effort to help facilitate her adjustment.

Not knowing what to expect prior to my first post placement visit, I was quite apprehensive. It turned out that her adjustment was even better than I could have possibly hoped. I recall being so surprised, so pleased and so grateful. I had not seen my mother that happy in years. And my best news is that her level of contentment has not waivered a bit the past two years.

Thank you Cristina, James, Edna and Rene. My family and I will be forever appreciative of the care and joy you have brought to my mom's life. You're the best.
Rick Underwood Rick Underwood @ 2016-12-20, 07:23