A putting green for the golfer! (and critiques)Interests play an important part in keeping our spirits high and our minds active.

We try to provide our residents with every possibility to keep active with other residents by participating in mutual interests.We try to provide our residents with every possibility to keep active with other residents through participation.

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a challenging experience for anybody. Moving into a group home can be even more difficult for the elderly. We try to soften the impact as much as possible by providing activities that they are encouraged to participate in.

A typical week's activities are shown in the following table.

Morning Walk
Noon Tea
Evening Reading
Morning Chores
Noon TV Show
Evening Tea
Morning Paper
Noon Walk
Evening Magazine
Morning Exercises
Noon Tea
Evening Movie
Morning News
Noon Walk
Evening Bingo
Morning Walk
Noon Music Hour
Evening Socializing
Morning Paper
Noon Puzzle
Evening Movie and Popcorn

Enjoying Activities TogetherEnjoying a holiday meal togetherWe try hard to keep our extended family happily engaged in interesting activities. Of course, no one is ever forced to participate, but we try to make it so enticing that even the most reticent end up enjoying the fun!

Getting together for meals is also a great way to keep people active and engaged. Our meals are hand-cooked and are really great! You are more than welcome to join your loved one whenever you are visiting them during a meal period. But be may choose to stay!
An extended family member enjoying our daughter's drawing activities. As you have likely noticed, older folk tend to pay more attention to younger children, perhaps seeing in them their own childhood as well as the energy and inquisitiveness that children often exhibit. Living in our own home across the street, we sometimes bring our children over when appropriate. We find that it often has a calming effect on our extended family members while energizing their life as the same time.

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