caretaker with Sunshine Adult Care Home owner's daughter and extended family memberMy wife and I established this group home for the sole purpose of providing quality care to those in need of it.  Your loved one becomes one of our "extended family." And when appropriate, we have our childern visit and participate in activities with our extended family. 

Our Mission Statement

My wife, myself, and all our staff are dedicated to providing the best services and making our guests, their families, relatives, and friends as comfortable as possible at what can be a most stressful time for all. We have staff in attendance 24 hours a day to attend to any needs that may arise.

Many times we have new guests and families come apprehensive of this new stage in their life. The unfamiliarity of the new environment, people, and circumstances is stressful for our new guests and their loved ones. Our goal is to see that the stress is soon abated and that all are comfortable. 

We feel fortunate that we are given this opportunity to help others. The sense of fullfillment that we get from seeing our guests become part of our family along with their loved ones is one of the great benefits that we enjoy as caregivers. 

If you are looking for a place in which your loved one can be cared for as part of a family, where you and your family can freely visit and partipate in your loved one's life, please take the time to visit us. We are proud of our home and our service and would love to have the opportunity to show both to you.

Get more information by either calling us at 602-446-0098 or filling in our Contact Form!