It is never easy to be uprooted from your home, one that you may have lived in for years, and be moved to a new environment, new surroundings, and new people. While we cannot eliminate all of the fears, anxieties, and pressure of having to move, we try to make it as smooth and easy as possible.
We do not consider ourselves as providers of assisted living although we technically do.  Instead we provide a home, a place of safety, a place where one's needs are provided on a personal basis. While we can furnish and decorate the rooms for residents, we highly encourage that our residents have us decorate their "home" with the same furniture, wall hangings and decorations that have been part of their life for so many years. Our hope is that they will feel at home from the first day they move in and that only the neighborhood has changed somewhat. 
Please, by all means, before making your decision as where your loved one or ones should live, please visit us. We sincerely believe that you will feel at home as soon as you enter.
You can setup an appointment with us be phone at 602-446-0098 or by filling out the Contact Us form.